BUAV appeals against Newcastle University's attempt to avoid disclosing details on monkey research


The BUAV has lodged an appeal with the Information Tribunal following last-ditch moves by Newcastle University to avoid releasing information about primate research, under freedom of information legislation. The university has made the extraordinary claim that its animal researchers do not need to have their official licence available when experimenting on animals.

The research on macaques involved implanting electrodes into the monkeys’ brains in order to record the activity of brain nerve cells in awake monkeys, who are forcibly restrained while being made to watch images on TV screens.

Michelle Thew, BUAV Chief Executive, said: "The Home Office would be very interested to learn of the cavalier attitude which Newcastle University takes to its legal responsibilities for the animals in its laboratory. How can it make sure that everything is done properly if the researchers and other key employees do not have the licences? We suspect this is a desperate attempt by the university to hide from the public what goes on behind its four walls."