BUAV at the World Alternatives Congress


This week scientists from the BUAV are attending the 9th World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use taking place in Prague, Czech Republic.

The congress is an important, week-long event that takes place every three years. It brings together influential scientists, animal welfare organisations, companies and regulators to discuss the use of animals in experiments and the progress that has been made to replace their use. It is a truly international event attracting over 1,000 participants from over 50 countries, and a real opportunity to make sure that animals in laboratories have a voice.

This time the BUAV have been heavily involved in the organisation of the event and will have a strong presence there. In particular, our Head of Science Dr Katy Taylor has been helping to organise one of the seven themes of the conference, ‘ethics of using animals’. It is hoped that this theme, covered by six sessions over the week, will enable scientists with a range of ethical views to openly discuss the ethical arguments about animal experiments. Dr Taylor will be chairing one of these sessions and also presenting the views of the BUAV on how animal experiments are regulated. Our friends at the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics and Dr Hadwen Trust will also be chairing sessions.

In addition, our sister organisation Cruelty Free International will have a permanent presence in the exhibition centre at the congress. We will use the exhibition space to showcase recent materials on alternatives to animal testing and scientific papers produced by the BUAV. Monica Engebretson, Cruelty Free International’s U.S. Campaign Manager, will be in attendance to help give us a truly international presence as we talk to key regulators from around the world.

The BUAV science team will also be presenting three other pieces of work as well as three poster presentations. Our Scientific consultant Dr Jarrod Bailey will be presenting his analysis of the use of dogs in toxicity testing and Dr Katy Taylor will be presenting our analysis of chemical tests under REACH which shows that some of the testing may be redundant. Both pieces of work provide extremely important evidence against the use of animals in testing and we are pleased to have the opportunity to present them to such a significant audience.

The strength of the BUAV presence at the World Congress this year shows how much we have been able to achieve in the area of science and alternatives to animals with your support. The week promises to be a tightly packed event with meetings, events and seminars and we will be reporting throughout the week on our events.