El-Al Israeli airline wins case to stop monkey shipments for Mazor Farm


The BUAV has welcomed a ruling by the Supreme Court in Israel which has rejected an appeal by B.F.C (known as Mazor Farm), the primate breeding facility in Israel, confirming that El-Al, Israel’s flagship airline is no longer obliged to transport primates to or from the farm for research purposes. The ruling also means that on January 2015, Mazor farm will close down and the export of monkeys for experiments will be stopped permanently.

This decision comes in the wake of a long running court case that has spanned over a decade since the announcement by El-Al airways that it would stop flying monkeys for research purposes.

For many years El-Al airlines has been a key transporter of primates, and a valuable asset to Mazor Farm. B.F.C is a satellite company of Bioculture in Mauritius, and has imported wild-caught monkeys from Mauritius over the years for breeding purposes, and has also exported large numbers of monkeys to Europe, including the UK. Without an airline carrier there is little option for transporting the monkeys overseas. In response, Mazor Farm filed a lawsuit against the airline. Subsequently El-Al was ‘obliged’ to continue its involvement in the transportation of primates destined for research facilities.

In 2010, the BUAV welcomed El-Al’s commitment to ending its involvement in the transportation of primates, specifically from Mazor Farm, and presented to the court that it was the company’s right to make this decision.

Despite Mazor appealing this decision once again, tireless campaigning by three Israeli animal protection organisations that presented their petition against Mazor Farm to the Supreme Court in support of El-Al has resulted in this long awaited and welcomed decision. The BUAV, which has provided support and evidence along with scientific and animal welfare expertise and testimony to assist with the campaign, congratulates Let the Animals Live, Behind Closed Doors and The Israeli Society for the Abolition of Vivisection (ISAV) for this significant achievement.