BUAV submits response to Government consultation on transparency


The BUAV has now submitted our response to the Government's consultation on lifting some of the secrecy around animal experiments. This has been a long-standing campaign for the BUAV and we are encouraged by the fact that the Government now accepts that Section 24 of the Animal (Scientific Procedures) Act - which made it a criminal offence for the Home office to disclose the details of animal experiments - is incompatible with any kind of transparency and open debate. We remain concerned that the Government's proposals could lead to lengthy delays and legal confusion, and are urging rapid action to settle the issue before the General Election.

The BUAV has carried out a number of investigations in UK laboratories that show a contrast between claims made by government and industry and the reality experienced by animals in laboratories; in particular poor standards, lack of enforcement of legislation and a failure to minimise suffering.

Please watch our video covering investigations carried out by the BUAV at Imperial College London, Cambridge University and Wickham Laboratories to learn why the BUAV is calling for greater transparency on what happens to animals in UK laboratories.

Remember, none of what you will see on this film is normally available to the public, the media or politicians. This is why we need much greater openness.