ABX Air fails to take a positive stance against the transportation of primates for research


Today ABX Air went ahead and transported a shipment of up to 1,000 monkeys from China to the USA. We are sad to report that the flight has now landed at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston (IAH). This is despite the BUAV, our supporters and others urging it not to accept the shipment and join the many airlines who have already taken a positive stance by dissociating themselves from this cruel trade.

The BUAV would like to thank everyone who has taken action to support the campaign. Earlier this year, the BUAV welcomed a decision by TNT to refuse to transport a shipment of primates from China to the USA after being alerted by the BUAV. It is unfortunate that ABX Air, given the opportunity, has ignored the widespread concern and not taken a compassionate stance and rejected this shipment.

We continue to appeal to ABX Air to reconsider its involvement in the shipment of primates destined for the research industry; and we encourage our supporters to continue to appeal to the company by politely asking ABX Air to dissociate itself from this cruel trade.

Additionally, we call upon DHL, the main customer of ABX Air, whose strong commitment to the environment and corporate responsibility has led them to adopt a policy that prohibits the transportation of primates across its network. We urge DHL to use its position to encourage ABX to make the compassionate decision to reject future shipments of primates, and to adopt a policy reflective of a company with strong ethics and moral obligations.

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