The Beagle Freedom Bill makes history for dogs and cats in Minnesota


Following news earlier this week about The Beagle Freedom Bill campaign in California, we are delighted that Minnesota has become the first state in the US to require dogs and cats used in experiments to be homed once they are ‘no longer required’.

The bill requires all Minnesota- based research facilities that receive tax dollars to hand over their dogs to non-profit groups at the end of the research. Taxpayer- funded laboratories and educational institutions that use dogs and cats for research will be linked with non-profit animal rescue centres to ensure these animals are adopted into loving homes. 

Michelle Thew, Chief Executive of the BUAV said “We applaud Minnesota for taking a compassionate stand and giving a second chance to countless dogs and cats used in cruel tests in laboratories. We congratulate The Beagle Freedom Project on their successful campaign, and urge the UK Government to follow suit and ensure dogs and cats who are ‘no longer required’ are released by laboratories into loving homes.”

In the UK, the BUAV is calling for the mandatory release of cats and dogs “who are no longer required” by laboratories in the UK as part of Our Best Friends campaign. The move follows our undercover investigation which revealed that MSD Animal Health had no system for finding homes for beagles and other animals after they had ‘outlived their use’.


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