Stop the use of dogs in pharmaceutical testing: Ask your MP to sign an important EDM today


In response to a ground breaking new report, co-authored by the BUAV, which refutes the scientific validity of using dogs in research, a new Early Day Motion has been tabled.

FRAME and the BUAV undertook the most comprehensive analysis to date showing that dogs are highly inconsistent predictors of toxic responses in humans.  

The report entitled An Analysis of the Use of Dogs in Predicting Human Toxicology and Drug Safety. ATLA 41.5 concluded that ‘A comprehensive suite of more reliable alternative methods is now available. Combined with considerable public concern over the use of dogs in science, the high ethical costs of doing so, given the sensitive nature of dogs and the expressed desire for the use of dogs as a second species in drug testing to have a scientific, rather than a habitual basis, we conclude that preclinical testing of pharmaceuticals in dogs cannot currently be justified on scientific or ethical grounds.’ 

The Early Day Motion 1069, which has been tabled by Labour MP Alan Meale states -  

That this House is aware that 90,000 dogs are used each year in research across the EU and US in evaluating pharmaceutical safety and efficiency, despite there being little research compiled to assess the usefulness of them being used in advancing the development of drugs for humans; notes the findings of recent in depth analysis by both the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection and the Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments which clearly shows how unreliable their use is in such testing; and believes in the light of this the use of dogs in these scientific practices should cease immediately in the UK and instead a constructive dialogue be developed between stakeholders and the Government to find a more humane and acceptable way forward on these matters.

Thousands of dogs suffer in animal tests every year in the UK and shocking Government statistics, released in July 2013, showed that the numbers are increasing. Between 2011 and 2012, the number of dogs and puppies used in experiments increased by 12%. No animal should be born to suffer. Please take action today.