Mary McCartney supports the BUAV campaign to end cat and dog experiments


World-renowned Photographer Mary McCartney, is supporting Our Best Friends, a BUAV campaign calling on the Government to end the use of dogs and cats in experiments.

Mary said: “Animals have always been an incredibly important part of my life since I was very young and it is saddening to know that many dogs and cats, who should be enjoying life in a family home, are instead subjected to painful research tests. Please join me and the BUAV to call on the UK government to bring an end to experimentation on cats and dogs. Find out more at

The UK is often said to be a nation of animal lovers, with dogs and cats our most popular companion animals, yet they continue to be harmed in cruel experiments and there is no government policy to reduce their use, let alone bring it to an end.

Home Office statistics report that 3,214 dogs and 202 cats were used in experiments in Great Britain in 2012. This represents a 6% increase for dogs and a 32% increase for cats on the previous year.

Most experiments carried out on dogs are toxicity (or poisoning) tests. The dogs may be injected with or force fed drugs and chemicals and then observed for signs of adverse (toxic) effects that include vomiting, internal bleeding and organ damage, seizures, paralysis - even death. They are killed at the end of the experiment.

Cats are often used in fundamental biological research. This usually focuses on the visual and nervous system and can involve experiments in which cats are deprived of their sight or subjected to lengthy, invasive brain experiments from which they do not recover.

Other celebrities who are supporting our campaign include Kirsty GallacherJilly Cooper, Ann WiddecombeRicky Gervais, Paul O’Grady, Kimberly Wyatt, Chris Packham, Helen Skelton, Dave Spikey and Wendy Turner Webster.