‘Thousands of animals saved by Councillors’ say the BUAV as plans for beagle farm are rejected


East Riding Councillors has been congratulated today by the BUAV, after voting against a proposal for a new beagle breeding facility to be built in Grimston.

Since the initial application was submitted in late-September 2013, there has been public outcry at plans to build a new construction in the quiet village which would have been used for breeding beagles, ferrets and rodents for use in the research industry.

Michelle Thew, CEO of the BUAV, said: ‘The BUAV is delighted by this outcome. Thousands of animals will be spared as a result of this decision. On behalf of everyone who signed the petition and spoke out against plans for this facility, we thank the East Riding Councillors for everything they have done today for the animals.’

This is not the first time that a planning application for this site has been rejected. In 2012, the Secretary of State, Eric Pickles, turned down plans for a similar breeding facility to be constructed by the same company.

Over 30,000 people signed a BUAV petition, supported by celebrities including Ricky Gervais, which was submitted to the Council on Monday.