Traditionally, animal protection groups and industry have been on different sides in the debate over cosmetic regulation. However, with the China FDA consultation in progress, our sister organisation Cruelty Free International has adopted the innovative approach of a joint submission with leading European companies keen to avoid mandatory animal testing in China. 

The campaign’s submission, urging a route for industry to market free of animal testing, was agreed in association with The Body Shop, l’Occitane, Montagne Jeunesse and Marks and Spencer. In addition, Cruelty Free International has been consulting the European Chamber of Commerce in Beijing and a leading Chinese chemicals consultancy on the precise Chinese submission. 

“Now that animal testing in banned for cosmetics marketed in Europe, the interests of animals and of industry largely coincide,” says BUAV and Cruelty Free International CEO Michelle Thew “an international system with contradictory requirements in Europe and China just makes life difficult for all concerned. Our submission is seeking to make it possible to market cosmetics in China safety testing provided by non-animal alternatives and evidence of safe marketing in other countries. We are delighted to be working with industry to try to achieve it, in constructive dialogue with the Chinese authorities.”