The BUAV team is today at the Labour Party conference in Brighton with over 10,000 MPs, MEPs, local Councillors and party members. This event is a great opportunity to showcase the work of the BUAV and promote some of our key current campaigns such as Broken Promises, Our Best Friends and Licensed to Kill.

Chief Executive Michelle Thew will be speaking at the Labour Animal Welfare Society fringe meeting on Monday evening where she will ask party members to think about the issue of animal experiments as they embark on their preparations for the 2015 General Election.

The Labour Party conference is the fourth political party conference that the BUAV has attended this season, following attendance at the Green Party, Liberal Democrat and UKIP conferences earlier this month. We will also be attending the Conservative Party conference to round off the season. 

We are asking MPs from all parties to sign EDM 442 which calls on the Government to uphold its pledge to reduce animal experiments, and also EDM 514 which calls for an end to the use of cats and dogs in research. In addition, we will ask parliamentary candidates to show their support for animals in laboratories by signing up to the BUAV’s six steps to begin the work of ending animal experiments. 

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