With a long track record of progressive policies for animals, the Green Party has always worked closely with the BUAV both in the UK and to achieve European progress such as the ban on testing cosmetics on animals. Caroline Lucas and other Green MEPs were among the most supportive in Europe and Caroline has continued this great record since being elected to Westminster.

This relationship was strengthened as the Green Party came together for their annual conference in Brighton this weekend. At a well attended Fringe meeting, Michelle Thew, BUAV Chief Executive, launched a range of policy commitments for the 2015 General Election - clearly identified aims to begin the work of ending animal experiments. Caroline Allen, the Green Party's spokesperson on animal issues, joined Michelle on the platform, warmly welcoming the policy ideas and the working relationship that has been built with the BUAV.

The Green Party has a clear policy commitment to end animal experimentation and to increase investment in alternatives. The key pledge ideas presented by the BUAV - from ending experiments on cats and dogs to ending the secrecy surrounding animal experiments - compliment the Party's overall policy goal and provide six clear steps that could be taken by elected representatives to achieve real and immediate change for animals in laboratories.

Speaking after the Fringe meeting, Michelle Thew, Chief Executive commented:

"The BUAV and the Green Party have a long history of working together. The positive message coming from this year's conference is that there remains strong support for animals in laboratories amongst the Party at all levels. We look forward to continuing to work with the Green Party as we approach the Euro Elections and the 2015 General Election, ensuring that animals in laboratories are not forgotten as we move forward together to end animal experiments"