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CEO Michelle Thew presents at the British Retail Consortium in London



Cruelty Free International Chief Executive, Michelle Thew, is giving a speech today at the British Retail Consortium (BRC) in London to retail and trade association members.

BRC is the only trade organisation which covers the whole of the retail industry from large corporations to small independents. It holds regular meetings with leading decision makers to discuss many facets of the UK retail industry and make a positive difference.

The Chemicals Working Group, to whom Michelle will be presenting, comprises of retail members responsible for chemicals within their organisations. This is an important opportunity to deliver our messages to those who can facilitate change within the industry.

Michelle’s speech, entitled ‘Cosmetics with Conscience’ will highlight the global trends in ending animal testing for cosmetics as well as making the case for the use of alternatives.

Cruelty Free International, and its founding organisation the BUAV, scored a major victory in March 2013 as the European Union (EU) announced that, from that date, cosmetics tested on animals are banned from sale in the EU. This means no new animal tests can be carried out anywhere in the world for cosmetics products and ingredients sold in the EU.

The EU ban only applies to the cosmetics a company sells in the EU, not the cosmetics it sells elsewhere in the world. If you want to make a truly cruelty-free choice then you still need to look for the Leaping Bunny when you go shopping.  

Cruelty Free International has now launched a global campaign to persuade governments around the world to enact similar legislation. The 'Freedom' campaign is aimed at those opposed to animal testing, animal lovers and ethical shoppers. The campaign asks respondents to 'Buy Freedom' by purchasing cosmetics from companies which do not test their products on animals, 'Share Freedom' by spreading word of the campaign through social media and 'Give Freedom' by donating to the campaign.

The money raised will pay for Cruelty Free International experts to persuade governments and regulators around the world to introduce bans, and use the many humane alternatives to animals testing which are now available.

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