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Dogs Trust puts paws up for BUAV’s Our Best Friends campaign


Dogs Trust, the UK’s largest dog welfare charity, has put its paws up for dogs caged in cruel laboratories by supporting the BUAV’s campaign to end the use of dogs and cats in experiments.

Over 6 million UK families share their homes with a canine companion, but sadly thousands of puppies and dogs endure a life of misery caged in laboratories where they may never see the sky or feel grass under their paws.

Adrian Burder, Marketing Director at Dogs Trust said, “Dogs belong in loving homes, not laboratories”.

Michelle Thew, Chief Executive at The BUAV said, “We are thrilled to have the support of Dogs Trust for Our Best Friends campaign to end the cruel use of dogs and cats in experiments. Please see what you can do to stand up for your best friends by visiting” 

The Government last week revealed that 3,214 dogs and puppies, mainly beagles, were used in 4,843 experiments in Great Britain in 2012 – a disappointing increase of 12% in the number of dogs used on the previous year.  These animals are not protected by the same law as domestic family dogs, which means researchers can carry out experiments on them which may inflict severe suffering and harm.

The BUAV launched its campaign last month with support from TV star Paul O’Grady calling on the Government to take action for our best friends by banning the use of dogs and cats in research.

Dogs and cats are our best friends – they don’t belong in laboratories.

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