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BUAV disappointed at rate of progress at European Medicines Agency


The BUAV has attended a stakeholder meeting at the European Medicines Agency (EMA) on behalf of our International Coalition (ICAPPP), to receive an update on its work to reduce animal experiments. The BUAV was disappointed to learn that there appears to have been little progress made on work to revise the EMA’s overarching guideline on replacing animals in regulatory testing. It is now two years since the release of the first EMA’s ’concept paper’ suggesting the revision, which came after requests by the BUAV to look at the issue. It is hoped the guideline will help give clarity and encouragement to companies that wish to use alternatives in their regulatory submission of new medical products.

The BUAV is pleased to see that the working group on the 3Rs - the JEG3Rs- has been given approval to continue for a further two years although we note that no reports arising from the group have been published to date. At the meeting, the BUAV asked for greater transparency and was told that the Agency in general hopes to be more open in the near future about its work. The BUAV will continue to monitor developments at the Agency and to ask for more action to reduce the millions of animals used to develop and test medical products across Europe.