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Swiss Household Cleaning Company Held Eco Certified!


Held eco, a Swiss cleaning and laundry products company, has been awarded the Leaping Bunny. Held eco is a long-established firm, founded 90 years ago with a firm ethical stance from the start.

Johan Synhaeve, country manager for Held eco in Switzerland, saidAs a company we have always - since our very beginning - considered animal testing as unnecessary , so obtaining Leaping Bunny certification was a logical choice. We are delighted and proud that in our 90th anniversary year we can now also show the world the Leaping Bunny on our packs!’ Held eco is also the first Swiss company to obtain Leaping Bunny certification.


Held eco’s extensive range of cruelty-free products includes dishwashing detergent, glass cleaners, laundry liquid and fabric softeners, toilet cleaner, and bathroom cleaners. The products are specially formulated to be kind to the environment and are free from harmful substances such as optical brighteners, silicone and phosphates. 

Held eco is certified under the Humane Household Products Standard. Its parent company Ecover is also certified under the HHPS.