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BUAV presents at alternatives conference



BUAV’s Head of Science, Dr Katy Taylor, is today speaking at the In vitro Testing Industrial Platform (IVTIP) meeting in Southampton. She will be presenting our experiences with new EU chemicals legislation REACH and making the case that regulatory authorities need to do more to ensure that alternative methods are used.

IVTIP is an association of companies that are working towards the replacement of animals in regulatory testing. Members include large chemical companies and small companies that specialise in developing cell-based (in vitro) methods. The topic of today’s meeting is “State of the art on alternatives from an industrial point of view: ready for regulation?

Dr Taylor will be presenting for the first time our ‘ADAPT’ principles which are a set of rules that regulatory authorities can follow to ensure they are not unnecessarily holding up the implementation of methods that replace animals used in toxicity tests. Our experiences with REACH, and other legislation that can lead to animal testing, is that alternative methods often get ‘stuck’ in the regulatory process because it is unclear who has responsibility for making sure they are used.