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The BUAV celebrates the end of animal tested cosmetics in Europe


After over 20 years of campaigning against animal testing for cosmetics in Europe, today, 11th March 2013, will go down in history as the day the EU finally banned cruel cosmetics in Europe.



Today, the 7th Amendment to the Cosmetics Directive comes into force and finally bans animal testing from taking place anywhere in the world for cosmetics and toiletries sold in the European Union.

View our infographic to find out how we achieved this historic ban.

Yet over 80% of the world continues to allow animal tests for cosmetics, which is why the BUAV founded Cruelty Free International to campaign for a global ban.

We are delighted that The Body Shop is joining with Cruelty Free International to again host our global pledge in their stores worldwide, helping us to reach millions of new people across the world. The Body Shop’s new brand activist Leona Lewis is today calling on her fans to sign the global pledge. 

Sign Cruelty Free International’s global pledge here.