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Ecover is awarded the Leaping Bunny logo


BUAV is delighted to announce that Ecover, the eco-friendly cleaning brand, has been certified by Cruelty Free International under the Humane Household Products Standard for its commitment to producing household cleaning and laundry products which are not tested on animals. Cruelty Free International, the new global organisation founded by the BUAV, manages the Leaping Bunny programme in the UK. 

Ecover CEO, Philip Malmberg, says:Being accepted into this program is an absolute privilege for Ecover and a great way to show the world that we care. Ecover has been animal friendly since the day it was founded in 1979. The decision to align with Leaping Bunny and provide our customers with household cleaning and laundry products that are certified as safe and cruelty-free was an obvious next step.

Michelle Thew, Chief Executive, Cruelty Free International, stated: "We are delighted to award Ecover the Leaping Bunny and certify its no-animal-testing policy under the Cruelty Free International Humane Household Products Standard. Ecover is the world's largest green cleaning company and, with products sold in 40 countries, cruelty-free cleaning has never been easier. We congratulate Ecover for demonstrating that it is possible to sell safe and effective cleaning products without inflicting suffering on animals."

Cruelty Free International and GAIA, its partner organisation in Belgium, have worked with Ecover to ensure their entire household range complies with the stringent criteria of the Humane Standards. All of Ecover’s washing up, household and laundry products are now certified cruelty free.

Ecover is the largest household cleaning brand to be awarded the Leaping Bunny, demonstrating that it is possible to achieve cruelty-free status, whatever the size of a company. With Ecover’s recent acquisition of Leaping Bunny certified company Method, this environmentally focused company looks set to make a huge impact in the world of cruelty-free cleaning

Cruelty Free International’s no-animal testing certification, symbolised by the Leaping Bunny trademark, enables consumers to easily identify and purchase cosmetics and toiletries with ingredients that have not been tested on animals. Ecover is joining a growing list of almost 500 companies, which carry the Leaping Bunny logo and are certified cruelty free.

Please visit for a complete list of approved products.