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BUAV team heads to the Labour Party conference


After a successful time at the Liberal Democrat party conference in Brighton, the BUAV Policy Team is heading to Manchester for the Labour conference which begins this Sunday.

With more than 5,000 MPs, MEPs, local Councillors and party members attending, the team will be discussing our latest campaigns, including our renewed call for the government to take action to reduce animal experiments, after the most recently published figures showed animal tests are at a 25-year high.

On Monday, the BUAV Chief Executive Michelle Thew will be speaking alongside shadow ministers at the Labour Animals Welfare Society fringe meeting. The theme of the event is the achievements of the animal welfare movement in the last 20 years, and Michelle will be talking about all that the BUAV has accomplished in that time, as well as the challenges we face in the coming year. 

We will be asking MPs to sign EDM 405, which asks the Government to uphold its pledge to reduce animal experiments. Please contact your local MP and ask them to visit the BUAV Policy Team to find out how they can make a difference to the millions of animals experimented on each year in laboratories.

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