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BUAV presents to European alternatives congress in Austria


The BUAV's Senior Science Advisor, Dr Katy Taylor, is today representing the European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE) in presenting to scientists, regulators and policy makers at the 17th European Congress on Alternatives to Animal Testing in Linz. The event is an annual conference organised by the European Society for Alternatives to Animal Testing (EUSAAT) and is designed to update those working on alternative methods on the progress with replacing animals in science.

Dr Taylor has been asked to present an update of the work of the ECEAE on the REACH testing proposals system. The testing proposal system is a process built into EU chemicals legislation, REACH, to ensure that animal testing is not duplicated. Interested individuals have 45 days to comment on proposals to test new and existing chemicals on animals. Comments are designed to ‘flush out’ existing data on the substance so that the company registering the chemical may not have to do the animal test and animals are spared.

Dr Taylor will be telling the congress how the ECEAE, for which the BUAV is Secretariat, has lead the way in providing scientific comments on testing proposals since 2009, providing comments on 260 of the 700 published by Agency in charge of REACH (ECHA). Comments have included finding existing data on the chemical or similar chemicals but they have also included arguments suggesting the test should not be done for scientific reasons, for example because the substance is corrosive or of very high or very low toxicity. The ECEAE is finding some success with the testing proposal system but remains critical of the Agency’s narrow approach to the use of comments and the failure to report back promptly to stakeholders on the outcome of testing proposals.

More news on the conference itself will follow!