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Join the BUAV in calling for a parliamentary debate on animal experiments


As the Government continues the process of bringing UK legislation into line with new European regulations, the BUAV is calling for a full debate in the House of Commons to discuss aspects which will be detrimental to animals.

When the Government published its initial proposals on the issue, it appeared that the current UK protection for stray cats and dogs would be weakened. After a campaign led by the BUAV however, the latest proposals include a full ban on their use in laboratories.

However, the proposals, which are currently being consulted on prior to limited parliamentary scrutiny by the end of the year, fail to rule out the most severe experiments. This could lead to animals subjected to inescapable electric shock to induce learned helplessness and open the way to animals bred deliberately with genetic disorders which will result in persistent suffering. 

So far 100 MPs have joined our call for a full debate. Please join us by writing to your MP today urging them to sign our Early Day Motion 193 and help the voice of animals be heard in parliament.