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BUAV reveals a cruel and illegal trade in owl monkeys for research


The BUAV has carried out an investigation into the trade in owl monkeys in Colombia and Peru that has revealed the cruel trapping of these wild animals and the destruction of their rainforest habitat. Evidence also uncovered by the BUAV reveals that owl monkeys from Peru have been trapped and used for research in Colombia despite a ban implemented on the export of primates by Peru in 1974.

Please support our call to the authorities in Colombia and Peru to end this cruel trade and stop issuing trapping permits. Furthermore, urge the Peruvian authorities to enforce its ban on the export of primates:

His Excellency Julio Muñoz-Deacon

Ambassador of Peru

The Embassy of Peru

52 Sloane Street

London SW1X 9SP



His Excellency José Mauricio Rodríguez Múnera Ambassador of Colombia

The Embassy of Colombia

3 Hans Crescent

London SW1X 0LN


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