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Cruelty Free International and our Leaping Bunny logo feature in the Daily Mail


Cruelty Free International and our role in certifying companies under our Humane Standards features in the Daily Mail in an article about animal testing, cosmetics and China. 

Michelle Thew, Cruelty Free International Chief Executive told the Daily Mail:

'Some companies wish to bring ethical beauty to China, however this is not currently possible until China changes its current policy which requires animal testing.

'I am disappointed that certain companies have fallen prey to the lure of the Chinese market and are letting animals pay the price. Consumer pressure can make a difference.

'We certify over 400 companies around the world that refuse to allow animal testing into their products, so there is plenty of choice for everyone who wishes to eliminate this cruel, unnecessary and outdated practice.

'The only way that you can avoid animal testing in your toiletries and beauty products is by looking for the Leaping Bunny logo, or checking'

Read the article here.

For further information on what Cruelty Free International is doing to address the issue of animal cosmetics testing in China.