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BUAV welcomes Laparkan Airways commitment to not transport primates for research


The BUAV is pleased to clarify the position of Laparkan Airways regarding the shipment of primates. In correspondence with the BUAV, the airline has confirmed that the shipment of monkeys in question was not for research purposes. In addition, Laparkan Airways has now committed itself to not transporting any animals, including primates, for research purposes.

In an Email to the BUAV, the Corporate Manager told us:
The important issue here, in our view, is what is done in the future and I would like to again assure you that Laparkan Airways will not transport any animals, including primates, for the purpose of research or for any other purpose inimical to their well being........Please be reassured of Laparkan’s commitment to the cause of the prevention of cruelty to, and abuse of animals including primates.’

The BUAV submitted detailed arguments to Laparkan about the wild-caught primate trade,  the plight of primates during transportation and their final destination, the research laboratory. Thank you to everyone who has supported us. We are pleased to now add Laparkan Airways to our list of airlines that do not transport primates destined for research purposes.

For a full list of airlines that do and do not transport primates destined for the research industry.